Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad Boy!

I came home yesterday from doing some running around for my bf's shower and found this

My precious little boy had gone into my swim bag (the back pack) and found a tube of butt cream for Kaiya and ate the entire tube! The remnants of the tube can be found just in front of the back pack, he also ate some left over thank you cards and s tried to get into some moulding wax and yup, that's white puke all over the floor! He left little throw up piles all over the house, one big one contained traces of blood. So I was panicking, calling his vet and sweating like a pig telling her that he ate a tube of zinc.
Turns out zinc is very poisonous to dogs, but the amount that Nanook ate was only about 2 grams total so they weren't too worried. He'll just have an irritated tummy for a while. Which was apparent on our walk last night cause he projectile vomited right in the middle of the side walk... yuck!
Needless to say my Nano's hasn't eaten much in the past 12 hours and he is a little more lethargic than usual, maybe this will teach him to eat things haha.

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  1. Poor boy! And poor you that you have to clean all that up!