Friday, January 1, 2010

Milk challenge update

I started to introduce milk products back into my diet as of Christmas day. I was told by numerous moms that if she had an allergy to milk that it would be night and day after the 2 weeks of being off the stuff. Well it wasn't night and day, in fact I didn't see much of a change in her at all. She was still gassy still fussy and any improvement could of been from her just development and age.

Now that I have been consuming some dairy (and chocolate again) I have to say, something that I am eating is bugging her. I noticed that she is nasally again and she has developed a small rash above her eyes, both signs of an allergy, is it the milk? Chocolate? Too many Christmas oranges? The Indian food I had a couple days ago? What could it be? the list is endless but for now I think I will try and avoid milk again.

I don't like these guessing games.


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