Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm not huge on New Years resolutions (because I never keep to them) but I thought I would make some this year anyways.

1. Lose 10 pounds. How original, someone wants to lose weight for New Years lol.

2. Get involved with Mommy and Baby groups. It's getting pretty lonely during the day and I think it's time to get out now that Kaiya is settling down a bit.

3. Cut back on my sweets. I eat candy like it's going out of style and I know I need to keep it to cut down, just a little.

4. Last year I made a vow to take everything in stride, whatever will be will be. I think that with that i decreased my stress level enormously and I did take everything as it came, good and bad. This year I want to continue to do the same. I will have a relaxed attitude towards everything.

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