Saturday, January 16, 2010

A blanket to call ones own

Kaiya finally has a blanket that her Mommy has made exclusively for her. Her old blanket ( and much more special to her heart) was a 1/4 crocheted baby blanket that I found at my Grandmothers house when she passed away. I took it and finished it and when I became pregnant I brought it to my Mom to have her place a little somethig of her own on it. So long story short Kaiya has a blanky that as made by 3 generations of women and one day I hope she will add something of her own to it and make it 4.

Blanket made by Great Grandma, Nana and Mommy


  1. What a fantastic idea! She will treasure this when she grows up!

  2. That's an incredible idea and awesome keepsake!!!