Saturday, November 14, 2009

Free to a good home

1 Colicky baby girl. She has brown hair, blue eyes, screams for no apparent reason. She won't eat from a bottle, yet cries when I try to breastfeed her. She gulps air while she eats which leads to very painful gas. She can't seem to get the gas bubbles out of her tummy due to the fact that she can't pump her legs. Oh did I mention that she has a hip brace on so changing her takes twice as long, feeding her is twice as difficult, clothes don't fit, you can't bathe her.. only sponge baths which take twice as long, you can only hold her in certain positions so soothing her is almost impossible. She won't take a pacifier and you can't put her down for longer than 5 minutes during the day.

Any takers?

Yup, today was a bad day. Thank goodness Nana takes her in less than an hour.

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