Friday, October 23, 2009

WTF is going on inside me?! Well, I will tell you!

Apparently the ultrasound came back stating that I had a lot crap still left over after Kaiya escaped. There seems to be a lot of lining and tissue and it needs to be expelled ASAP. So the options were,

A. Wait 2 weeks, do another ultrasound and see where things are. If they are still the same then do a D&C.

B. Schedule a D&C for next week and get it over with.

Both these options unfortunately are not choices that I can make but some random gynecologist that is on call that I have never met. So my doc puts in the call. The Gyno informs her that in my situation he would like me to get the D&C done right away but instead of scheduling one what he would like me to do is go to the emergency room, sit there for 12 hours, not eating anything for how long (since I have to have an empty stomach due to the IV etc.) with a breastfeeding newborn in the middle of a Pandemic... ya right!! Like that is going to happen!!! which is what my doctor told him. SO new plan

C. Wait out the weekend, hope that my bleeding subsides. If not see her again on Tuesday where she will attempt to book me in for a D&C again, hopefully with a new Gyno on call.

Urg! How frustrating!

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