Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scared to death

A little back story first. On Friday of last week I started to bleed bright red again and passing small to medium size clots. Everything I have read has told me that I shouldn't be bleeding at all yet alone passing clots. So I made an appointment for Tuesday with my doctor. Her response was encouraging "I am not too concerned, a lot of women will bleed off and on for 6 weeks but I will send you for an ultrasound to make sure that everything is ok."

Yesterday I had my ultrasound. I did not get a good feeling from it. For starters I physically did not have fun, they had to use the Intravaginal ultrasound wand to get a good look. I got my post baby cherry popped by a women in her 50's with a slight BO problem. yuck! Further more after it was all said and done and we were in the "should we exchange numbers... I'll call you" phase of our relationship she proceeded to ask if I had an appointment set up with my doctor right away for the results "no, they said they were just going to call when they came in" Her response is what sent me over:
"Well get dressed and have a seat I am going to have the Radiologist come speak with you"
Umm what?! I have had a million ultrasounds due to kidney stones, infertility, miscarriage etc. and never once have I had the radiologist come speak with me. It has always been "Your doctor will have the results in a few days". So as I am sitting there waiting for 5 minutes the thoughts that are going through my head are, oh my god are they going to send me to the hospital? I am not ready for that! What about my baby girl?! Can she come stay with me in the hospital? How is she going to eat? I don't have enough milk stored for more than 2 feedings. So finally she returns and says that the Radiologist says I am free to go but my doctors will be calling me very soon with the results.

very soon indeed! I just got out of bed and finished feeding Kaiya when the phone rings. My doctor wants to see me ASAP. I have an appointment at 11:30. Yikes! I am scared sh*tless!!!!

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  1. Geez, that WOULD be scary! I hope that everything is okay, KIm. My fingers are crossed for you! How are things otherwise?