Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Prenatal Class

Last night we had our first prenatal class. It was interesting, didn't really learn too much more than what I already knew. Everyone seems nice but still needs to open up. I hope that we get a baby group out of this!

Blair was so cute, all the Dad's were learning to do simple massages on the mom's for during labor. Blair kept squeezing too hard and trying to work out my kinks instead of working on the relaxation part. It felt awesome but I'm not sure how much I will want to be touched during the process. We will see.

I hopped up on the scale this morning, it has been a few days since I have peeked at my weight. According to the scale I have actually lost 2 pounds. Hmmmm that cannot be too good. I know that I was gaining too quickly at one point, but it's always worry some to think that I have lost some. I hope baby is still growing and it's just my thighs and butt that have finally settled down. I will keep watching and maybe have Blair measure my bell tonight to make sure it has grown.

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