Friday, July 24, 2009

30 Week Bump

Blair scootched me off the couch right before we took these bump shots. I was lying on my left .... nice t-shirt mark down the side of my belly.
My doctors appointment yesterday went well. I am not measuring as big as they thought I was last time. I am only about half a week ahead, but they are calculating my due date as Sept. 29th so really I am measuring right on. My BP is good, all the tests were good, minus the iron. It turns out that my iron levels are at the border line. I am just getting enough to sustain and that's it. I am now on iron supplements every second day to keep me from becoming anemic.
Baby was good, bouncing around a bit. Head is still down, heart rate at 146 then jumped up to 150 when it kicked, then back down again. The doctor predicted that baby is a girl, we will see.

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