Monday, June 1, 2009

4 months to go!

I cannot believe that it is already June 1st! This year is flying by.... yet still taking forever. Just to think in exactly 4 months from today (calendar months) I most likely will have a tiny person to care for. Yikes! Deep breaths no panicking!!!

Baby had a pretty productive week I would say. We started sanding the change table, getting it ready for painting. I am just steps away from finishing the curtains in the nursery. We picked up the necessary tools to start painting the accent wall (hopefully this weekend) and Baby has names. That's right Blair and I have finally settled on a boy AND girl name. We struggled so tremendously with the girls name but finally we found one that we both really like. It only took us 2 years :D


  1. YEAH!!!!! I am so excited to hear names.... even if i have to wait for 4 more months. I am so happy you are both so happy.

  2. Yay, I'm sure it feels great to finally have settled on names! For me anyways, it made things feel so much more real! I truly am so happy for you and Blair... you guys will make amazing parents! I'm sure the next four months will drag a little (it always seems to do that when you're really excited about something), but when you look back it will seem to have flown by. Enjoy every moment that you have with that little person inside of you... it's such an amazing thing! Congrats again!