Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Bedding

We have finally ordered our baby bedding! We got it online and is on it's way. Now all we need is the mattress, and to pick up the change table and our nursery will be some what done. I am so excited, this was a very hard decision and we didn't want to order it till we knew for sure whether or not we were not going to find out if baby is a girl or a boy.

Here are a few that we looked at... ours that we ordered is in there, I am just not telling which one :) You will have to wait till we post pictures of the finished nursery to find out.

Oh and an update on my camera, we still haven't gotten it back hence th reason there isn't any bump pictures the last couple weeks. It turns out they are still waiting on a part and it can be another week to 2 weeks urg! I really need to borrow one from my Mom I guess.


  1. How exciting!!! I like them all :)

  2. I am guessing 1 or 3. I am leaning toward 1.

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