Wednesday, May 13, 2009

20 week check up

Back from the doctors. Everything looks good. My weight is just fine (although I do stress over it regularly because I look a lot bigger than I am) My bump is measuring right on, my blood pressure is good. Baby's heart beat is 152, and very loud and easy to find this time. Everything looks perfect!

I graduated from my regular doctor today as well. It'll be sad not to see her every month and it amazes me how time is going by so quickly now that I am not feeling so worried about baby. Next month I actually go and meet the team of doctors that will deliver my baby for me, wow!

Blair and I SAW baby thumping on my belly last night. I am amazed at how strong those little kicks are, I think we are growing a Ninja! So now not only has my wonderful husband felt baby kick, but he has seen it as well. It has been an amazing week! Pictures to come thanks to my friend M ;)

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