Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stupid Pants!!

So I purchased a bunch of Mat pants last weekend and one of them was a pair for work. I washed them for the first time last night and really wanted to wear them today at work. Here is a quick overview of what my morning was like.

I wake up at 6:ish. (depends on how man times I hit my snooze button)

Tip toe to the shower since my hubby doesn't get up till after 7:00.

I get out of the shower. Rub belly cream on in the dark, do my hair in the dark, and get dressed in the dark. Right after I put my freshly washed pants on I felt very uncomfortable. They just were not sitting right. It felt like I was getting a wedgy but even when I tried to pull them onto my hips more the tightness around the buttocks stayed. Well I didn't plan on anything else to wear and my mornings are so tight that I decided to ride it out.

I finish with my makeup and brushing my teeth, thank goodness for our door on the master bath or I would have to do that in the dark as well.

I drive to work, get out of m car and my pants are still bugging me, what the heck!!! I start to inspect them in day light now and realize HOLY CRAP! I have just put my pants on backwards!!!!

I rush into the bathroom and fix my little problem but who the hell puts their pants on backwards?! Is this pregnancy brain or just the fact that I get dressed on the dark?


  1. HAHAHAHAHA you just made my morning :)

  2. That's awesome...I would say pregnancy brain has definitely hit ya.... But getting ready in the dark might have something to do with it too!!!!