Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Blair and I have started tossing around the idea of a midwife. Our neighbours are pregnant (13 weeks) and they have informed us that they are using one, his Aunt actually. They started naming all the pros to one and it got us thinking.... we want one too!

I looked around a bit at the different ones in Calgary and found one in the NW. It's still a bit of a drive, but we wanted to give it a try. We were still thinking of having the birth in at the hospital, but this way we can have more of a Natural birth than all the crap they tend to feed you.

So I messaged the center and asked about getting together to discuss our options. I just received a response saying that they were already fully booked for October and that they had a very long waiting list and recommended that we not even put our names on it. Oh poop, I guess the midwife idea is out. I think it's a sign that the OB is the way to go for us. I am still disappointed though.

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