Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am a bad Blogger!

I know! I know! Everyone keeps asking me where my newest bump picture is. I unfortunately missed the 14 week mark, and today is 15 weeks, so I will be posting a 15 week bump tonight! Promise!

Blair's work schedule has recently changed, not due to the fact that he is working later hours, but because he was finally transferred to the branch that is 5 minutes from our house! Hurray! So now that he actually gets to sleep in over an hour later than me (I am so jealous) we aren't getting the belly shots in the morning anymore and to tell you the truth my evening belly is even BIGGER than my morning one so I have been very reluctant about letting Blair take it. But I did go to the doctors yesterday for my monthly check up and brought up my concern about my huge belly and my increase in weight in the last 3 weeks. Lucky for me she said I was measuring right where I should be and that my weight gain is normal, and really isn't that much. SO tonight I will let my dear husband take a picture of my beautiful belly.

Blair got to come with me yesterday to our Prenatal check up so he could hear the heart beat. Well it took over 5 minutes and 4 different spots to find the darn thing. It was really starting to scare us but the doctor reassured us that it was normal and that she could hear the baby kicking in there so it was just a matter of pin pointing where the heart was. Finally it was found, and it was a strong 150 than jumped to 160 and kind of bounced around in there. I think the baby was enjoying my BBQ'ed hamburger with pickles that I had for lunch. It was a great appointment.

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