Saturday, May 4, 2013

Where the heck have I been?

Nowhere really. Just taking a little blogger break. I've been writing just not blogging.

My girls are growing like weeds!
Elodie has started talking. Her favourite words are "no" "Papa" and "Daddy". She tries to say almost any word you throw at her but it mostly comes out as syllables in a random gargling sound.
Kaiya does not shut up or stop moving. I get dizzy watching her. She is smart as a whip though. A lying whip! She has now entered into her lying stage. 
"Did you eat this pudding?" 
"No, Elodie did." 
"Really?! Elodie got a spoon out all by herself, got the lid off of the snack pack all by her self?"
"Maybe, Nanook ate it."
 Right!! I guess this is a normal stage that they need to go through. It is a little frustrating and a little funny. 

Work is a great escape from life. We have started the planning of landscaping. Our plans exceed our bank account (surprise). Our neighbours are not co-operating with the fence (double surprise) and we are still trying to finish details inside the home.

We have contracted out the mudroom to my brother. It is going to be awesome, but till then we are living out of our teeny tiny front hall closet. Not ideal, it's a bit messy and stinky at the front door (ok I must admit, I have stinky work shoes.) We are also redoing our fireplace. The tile was just not working for us. It was crooked and no matter how many times we had the tilers come and redo it just ended upt he same. So we have received all our money back, removed all the tile and are in the process of shopping for some natural stone instead (which is what we wanted to begin with). 

I am tired of fighting with the builder, fighting with the neighbours and living in a big mud/dirt pile.

I have also decided that I will be separating my "mommy blog" from my "zombie blog" these things don't mix and I was having a blogger identity crisis for a while. To follow everything not mommy blog related with a bit of a zombie flare please refer to my new blog Zombetty.

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