Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I still need to finish my Christmas post but till then I wanted to wish all the Zombie lovers out there a very Happy New Year. No cliche resolutions here because lets just face it, I don't keep them anyways. So instead I have made a list of things I plan to NOT change/do in the new year.

1. Have another baby
2. Move
3. Gain weight
4. Wear a unitard
5. Get another dog
6. Cut off my hair
7. Eat out every day of the week
8. Spend less time with my family

There is however one goal I would like to achieve this year and that is to go on a trip. My passport has expired, Blair's has expired (as of 2 or 3 years ago) and I would love to get new ones go away with my hubby. It's been so long since we have left the country. Actually it's been since our Honeymoon almost 6 years ago so yes, we are over due. I just hope life co-operates enough for us to spend at least  a week in a tropical/exotic place...... alone :)

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