Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WTF is June Bearing Strawberries?!

I purchased a strawberry plant at the end of May. It was on sale *red flag* and had tuns of strawberries on it. I was super excited for Kaiya to learn about where fruit comes from and be able to check her strawberry plant every morning. I took it home, planted it in a pot and watched it flourish. 

About a month ago I saw the very last flower turn into a strawberry. Kaiya and I check every morning for new flowers but alas there are none. Finally I googled strawberry plants and the answer popped up right away. June Bearing Strawberry bushes. WTF is that?! Apparently there are strawberry plants that DO NOT produce strawberries all season long but only in the month of June.

First off, who would even want these plants?! What is the purpose? Mine has been shooting out like crazy which makes me believe that it would over take any garden, for what? A month of strawberries?There is such a thing as everbearing plants that produce them all season long, I guess the sale should of tipped me off that no one was wanting just a month of strawberries. 

I was planning on transplanting this one into the new garden but now I just want to get rid of it. What a bummer.

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