Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Missing work

Being at home I have been nothing but busy. I know this is going to sound strange to some but I am looking forward to the predictable, mundane life at work. Not much changes there and I like the routine of it. Being at home is chaotic and crazy. I can't wait to finish a coffee again while it is still hot. Socialize with human beings that don't talk about poop, putting things in their mouths and whining about someone touching their things (ok, so maybe just a sophisticated version of these conversations). Am I really looking forward to going back t work?! Yes and no. Can I have both? Nope. If it were up to me and my wallet was perpetually full I would go back only part time. 2-3 times a week would be fine. But my job calls for me to be there full time so I have no choice. Till then, I will enjoy the summer, or what we so called Calgarians call summer (rain, sometimes snow, cold weather and one week a year of +30 degrees C).

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