Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

This year Blair, me and the girls all took off to Saskatchewan to visit family. The girls did awesome in the car, not much in the way whining or crying and on the way out we stopped in Drumheller at the Royal Tyrel Museum. Turns out they were having their annual Easter egg hunt. We ran around like monkeys trying to spot all the hidden eggs among the exhibits. At the end Kaiya received a plastic egg with a toy dino inside asa prize. A for effort. She was thrilled.

Our first stop was my Aunt's house. We got see a lot of family that we haven't seen in almost a year and some got to meet for the first time my sweet little Elodie. Though she wasn't really sleeping well and pulling a few fussy's I think that she won their hearts with her chunky monkey smiles.

On Sunday morning the Easter bunny hid little eggs all over my aunts house for Kaiya to find and a Lalaloopsie doll in her basket, what a lucky girl. We have been eating chocolate for days and there are still bunnies galore. After the hunt we headed out to my Grandparent's farm where Kaiya got to visit the cows, chickens and horses. She loved the cows but not as much as the Quad ride that Papa took her on. It was cold, toque and mittens cold, yet she did not want to come in. The next day she again got another Quad ride and the Easter bunny miraculously left more eggs around the yard for her.

Although we had a blast Kaiya is at a very trying age right now, she was driving me crazy with her lack of listening and her inability to calm down. She is sweet as pie and does and say's the cutest things but she also spends a great deal of time in time out's. Learning your boundaries is so hard! Now for a major photo dump:

Kaiya prepping for the Easter bunny with a little craft.

At the museum, being her two year old self. If you squint you can see her horns holding up that halo.

Finding hidden treasures left by the Easter bunny.

Easter Eggs filled with Playdoh, great alternative to chocolate.

What an awesome stash!

My sweet Elodie practicing her new sitting skills.

Cousin Carson finding Easter eggs

My cousin Katie giving Kaiya a hand.

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  1. love the bunny ears!!!! cute pictures - Pam