Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turkey, laminate and verbally abusing old ladies in the fabric store.

It's been a VERY busy weekend. Between 2 Canadian Thanksgiving dinners, starting/finishing our new floor, going to the fabric store to figure out what the heck Peanut is going as for Halloween and cooking this baby I just have not had a breather.

On a side note, my pregnancy hormones are in full gear now. I don't think it helps that I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in forever, my body feels like I am falling apart and this baby still has at least 2 more weeks of cooking till I am full term. I feel completely terrible but I got into a fight with a 60 year old women at the fabric store yesterday.

It was a zoo there! We don;t have a fabric store in our town so we have to travel into the city to get fabric. It is always busy, but since it was a long weekend it was out of control. I was hot, peanut was with me and Nana, she hadn't napped longer than 20 minutes and had the stickiest fingers. I think at one point my mom caught her stuffing buttons into her purse. Oh munchkin. Anyways, low and behold while standing there looking at patterns Kaiya chimes up with "mama, pee". All right, off to the potty we go. You need a key to get in so I went up to the cashier and politely asked,
"May we use your bathroom?"
"No problem dear, the key is hanging on the wall just behind me. Help yourself."

I thanked her and headed to the key. A women in her early 60's got there right before me and grabbed the key proclaiming "Here it is, it would be hard to miss haha."
Thinking this women is a sales lady helping us I thanked her and went to take the key. She held tight to it and headed for the bathroom. Oh, I thought, she is just taking us to the bathroom. How kind. We get there. She opens the door and says,
"Looks like there is just one stall in here" and slams the door in my face.

At that point I am fuming! Kaiya has to pee, I am 8 months pregnant and carrying her and this women has the nerve to butt in line in front of us. So in my hormonal state I very loudly say,

"Are you serious?! Did you not hear me ask for the bathroom key first women?" (Yes, i called her women).
As she opens the door she rudely responds, "I did not hear you ask for it, I would not of been that rude."
"Obviously you are. I have a 2 year old and she needs to pee."

Victory was mine because the women headed out of the bathroom so that we could use it.
The kick in the pants was that once in there Kaiya did NOT want to go, and never did go pee.

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