Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you for your Support!

Yesterday I slipped on my sneakers and walked in the Parkinson Super Walk. This is my second year walking and it was just as fun as last year. I ended up raising just over $400 (I know, I could have done better). We came in almost dead last, but that was to be expected with 3 toddlers, 2 dogs a stroller a wagon and a 7 month pregnant lady. Both Kaiya and Loxley ended up peeing in the bushes and we needed to stop at the river to let the doggies have a drink and cool down. All in all it was a success. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support.

The day started off with a little adrenaline kick, when we first arrived at the walk Blair whisked Kaiya away immediately to go pee. Blair was a but half way through the parking lot when I yelled "do you have the keys for the car?"

"yes" he replied.

In which time I decided to lock the doors to the car. As soon as I slammed to car door closed I heard the most god awful noise come out of Nanook. He was screaming and yelling, barking and crying. Oh my god I slammed his tail in the door, which is now locked! I am in a panic! I got down beside him tried to pull his tail out and calm him at the same time as SCREAMING at Blair "UNLOCK THE DOOR". I'm not sure if he couldn't hear me over Nanook or my screaming was just so inaudible because I was in such a panic but Blair just kept sauntering over. It didn't faze him one bit that both his wife and dog were screaming their heads off. After a minute or so of sheer hell he finally got the message and unlocked the door.

After some calming down and a quick inspection of the tail Nanook was just fine. Nothing was broken but his nerves were a little rattled.

When I asked Blair about the slow reaction he replied "I didn't know what was going on, I thought Nanook was attacking you." Oh great. Good to know that if I was ever really attacked by someone or something that I am on my own, no knight in shining armor running to my aid.

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