Monday, July 18, 2011

The weekend of campfires, Wicked, poop and sand

What an awesome weekend! I am exhausted and ready for another weekend to recuperate after this one, but it was well worth it.

Blair and I ended up double booking ourselves for this weekend about a month ago. Correction I ended up double booking myself.

We booked a campsite out a Sylvan lake for Friday and Saturday night not realizing that I had tickets with my mom and sister for Saturday night for the musical Wicked. I was not about to miss this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity to see it so we planned to camp together Friday, I drive home Saturday, see the musical, then drive back Sunday to go to the beach with Babe and Daddy. The campsite is about an hour and a half from our town so I didn't think it would be a big deal ( I was dreading it, but knew I could do it for Wicked).

Driving down on Friday was a sh*t show! We brought Nanook with us and we planned to have me drive home with him on Saturday and leave him home Sunday so we may all head to the beach (no doggies allowed remember). *Phew* that's a mouth full.

On the drive my two "children" fought the whole way! To me we might as well had two siblings back there because it was non stop bickering. Nanook was whining and barking because Kaiya was pulling his fur, Kaiya was whining and crying because Nanook was trying to lay on top of her. It was a MESS. I almost turned around and said, "stop it you two, or I am turning this car around right NOW!" but what good would that of done, neither of them would of understood what that meant.

Once at the campsite and set up Nanook was no better. he wanted off his leash to explore, but we all know Nanook. Also soon as you unclip him he is gone! So every 10 minutes or so I was hiking through the thick trees trying to untangle him, it was a disaster. If he wasn't tangled he was clothes lining us with his rope. If he was clothes lining us then he was whining because he wanted to get somewhere he just couldn't reach. needless to say, we will never take him again. Sorry buddy, you lost your camping privileges.

On Saturday the drive was uneventful, I ended up bringing home my sister in laws dog as well (they were experiencing the same frustrations with their pooch that we were) but the musical was AMAZING. the story line was changed a lot from the book, but it was still an amazing show. I highly recommend it. It had a lot of humour and special effects. The actors/singers were awesome and the story was great. 5 stars for sure!

Upon returning home at midnight I opened the door to find 2 excited puppies there to great him. A slight odor then hit my nostrils. Was this a smell of poop I can detect?! Flipping on the lights I was horrified and disappointed in the dogs to discover that someone sh*t on the carpet. Not just a little pile, but about 5. Oh doggies. I am not sure who it was but they both looked guilty. I would not be surprised of it had been both, one instigator and the other "oh thank goodness you pooped, I really have to go too."

Sunday, I left the dogs at home. Off to the beach! What a fun day. I made it back to the campsite in time to help Blair pack up and then we headed into Sylvan for a day of boat rides and sand.
Kaiya was thrilled to have a boat ride on Papa's boat. The water was choppy from all the other sea lovers (yes I realize it is just a lake) so the ride was very bouncy. Half way around the lake, with Kaiya on my lap, I began to feel something warm on my thighs. With Kaiya wearing a swim diaper, I figured it might of been a little pee. upon further inspection I realized that nope, it's not pee, it's poo. A lot of poop, all over my legs and my bathing suit and my shirt. Oh great. More F'in poop! dealing with dog sh*t wasn't enough, now I get sh*t on.

Back to the shore we go where babe is immediately passed of to Daddy and I take a nice long swim in the lake to wash off. YUCK!

All in all, I loved it. Can't wait for Kelowna next week.

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