Monday, July 11, 2011

We are a bunch of sickos

Kaiya came down with the case of the sniffles Friday morning. After being out and about all day Friday, she came home with a little cough. Friday night she had major troubles sleeping and was up a couple times in the night, poor peanut. Which then takes us to Saturday.
Blair and I arranged for a date night on Saturday. It had been a while since we had been out, just the 2 of us and I am trying to use up the gift cards that we seem to be accumulating for various restaurants. I know that after Blair's surgery and once a newborn comes we will no longer have anytime to ourselves and dates will become a thing of the past till baby is able to take a bottle and/or is weaned. So we left Kaiya at my mom's for the night, thinking we will have an awesome sleep, and took off to the Keg for supper.
Throughout the day I had progressively began to feel worse and worse. By the time we got the the Keg both Blair and I looked a little under the weather and felt worse. So much for a date night.
Neither of us slept well, we were both in such rough shape and come Sunday we were no better. Yesterday we spent the day on the couch with a box of kleenex. Too bad we didn't get to the Stampede or even to a free Stampede breakfast like planned.

I hope this cold blows through and we don't spread it to others.

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  1. Guess who's sick?! Loxley! They were passing sippy cups around like hot potatoes on Friday so it's no surprise really. Sniffly nose, cough, congestion. But he's napping so I'm pretty much okay with it right now! ;)