Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It is not a dogs life!

I am beginning to get frustrated with the fact that you are not allowed to take your dog ANYWHERE! We are in the process of planning our camping trips for the year and like most people, I love to camp near a body of water. There is nothing better than heading to the beach for a fun filled day of water wading and sand castles (as a Pisces I am naturally a water person, if I could be reincarnated as a mermaid, I would be).

Our dilemma is finding a beach where you can bring your doggy to. They just don't exist. I feel so bummed for my Mister. I chose to share my life with a pet so that I could SHARE my life with a pet. I don't want to leave him at home to stare out the window with a blank look on his face waiting for us to come home just so that we can all go the beach without him. It sucks! Dogs are meant to be outside, yet they aren't allowed to go anywhere.

We are planning on heading to BC for a week. We are hitting up a very popular lake/city and apparently bylaw states that dogs are not allowed in the lake water. Period. Not only can we not take him to the beach (which they are banned from) but he can't be on the boat, just in case he might fall in the water. He can't go for a swim, he can't cool off his paws. What a life!

Camping would be awesome for him, but he needs to be on leash at all times which means no fun for him, me or Kaiya (who he will unsuspectingly take out with his leash as he races for the chattering squirrel).

Animals just have no rights. This is discrimination at it's finest. Just because a few jackasses weren't abiding by the rules doesn't mean all dogs and their guardians should be punished. What's next? Your dog isn't allowed outside of your property?!

PS: Pick up your dog shit! Yeah, I'm talking to you. Don't ruin it for everyone else! If you feel that you can't do that, then don't own a dog!!

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