Monday, July 4, 2011

Horses, water slides and a princess oh my!

What a wicked weekend! We took off to Saskatchewan on Thursday evening. Babe got to ride with Nana and Papa in their vehicle so Blair and I got an "evening" to ourselves, too bad it was spent driving, ha. We arrived at my Grandparent's farm at 11:00pm and babe still hadn't slept more than an hour during the 4 hour car ride. Yikes.
It turned out to be a peaceful night but an early morning. On friday we spent the day at the farm. It was an amazing eperience for Kaiya. She got to feed chickens and turkeys, visit the cows and even "ride" a horse. Papa AND Nana took her on a quad ride, shich she enjoyed so much she kept grabbing her helmet and heading for the bike every chance she got.
Later on Friday we checked into our sh*t show of a hotel room (long story short, the wedding was on Saturday night and apparently they only booked us in for Friday. Don't piss off a pregnant lady, I kinda got irrate... ooops! Needless to say, it was sorted out).
Saturday morning, we ate, swam in the pool, which had a water slide (Kaiya went down with one of us at least a dozen times) and went for a walk to their tiny mall. In the afternoon, all three of us got a nice 2 hour nap in before we had to get ready for the wedding.

Now for the wedding: What a beautiful ceremony and reception! The decorations were unbelievable, the brides dress was gorgeous and the food was awesome. Kaiya had a blast. She was excited to meet a real princess and stay up late.
towards the end of the night she began to fade fast, what a trooper though. She lasted till 11:00 before we made the executive decision to put her to bed. Unfortunately we all ended up having a very rough night. Kaiya woke in the middle of the night and cried for an hour straight before we decided to bring her into bed with us. She is such a bed hog! Not only does she sleep like a star fish, but she is a groper too. Grabbing me and trying to literally lay on top of me every time I rolled over made it a very long night.
Sunday we headed over to Jenn's (my cousin) new in laws house for their gift opening. Their farm was beautiful and most of my family made it out. It was a great chance to socialize and catch up with family. the whole weekend was exhausting but worth every second of the drive and sleepless night. After a short visit, we headed back onto the road where Kaiya did fantastic. The last hour was trying, but bearable.

Congrats Jenn and Bobby!!!

PS: I love taking pictures of every event I go to, I just have to remember to. I am so bad for taking that extra few second to grab my camera. I wish I had more photos of the wedding and the ceremony.

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