Thursday, July 7, 2011


I know what you are thinking. What the hell is this crazy lady doing thinking of Halloween already?! First you must remember that Halloween is my utmost favorite day of the year and second I need to plan this far in advance so that I can make costumes (making my brothers Halloween costume 2 years ago put me into labour, hopefully not this year... yikes!)

Here are my thoughts:

  • Do I have a traditional party this year, invite everyone and their dog again and try to cram all my friends and family into our teeny tiny townhouse?

  • Do I try to keep it small and do a Murder Mystery night instead?

  • Do I skip the party altogether this year because I am going to be full term, maybe not even pregnant, possibly in labour etc.?

I am kinda leaning towards the Murder Mystery since I then only have to plan for a party of 10ish, and not too elaborate of costumes etc.

What do you think? Any comments would be helpful :)


  1. We had loads of fun at the Murder Mystery party last year!

  2. Murder mystery...definitely. It was SO much fun! ;)