Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Morning I Woke Up Angry

Everyone has been asking us what is going on with Blair's mouth and his surgery. Well, nothing.

We are sort of in limbo with it. We are being told that the surgery to remove the tumor is covered, but anything beyond that is coming out of our pocket. WHAT?! You mean to say that all the bone grafts, prosthetic devices and any reconstructive surgery is going to be paid for by us, not health care. This is Bull!!

We were told this a month or two ago. So Blair has spent the last couple months trying to get a definitive answer as to what is covered, what isn't and who will have to do what procedure. As of yesterday we still have no idea. Why is no one giving us an answer? Why would it not be covered? In our health care system they pay for breast replacements after a mastectomy due to breast cancer, reconstructive surgery's after car crashes and up until 2 years ago they paid for gender reassignment surgery but they won't pay to fill in at least 2 square inches of my husbands face from a tumor?! Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

How can it be cosmetic if he needs that part of his face to eat, smile, talk or just feel like a human being and not a freak? His job requires him to speak with people on a daily basis face to face, are you trying to tell me that this is not going to affect his life style, emotional stability or the way others view him. BULL SHIT!!

This morning, I woke up angry.


  1. That is so ridiculous. It is not cosmetics, its about him being able to function normally. I can't believe this. I also can't believe that they aren't even giving you answers. UGH

  2. They suck!!! That is bull and I hope they will do the right thing and cover everything! There is nothing cosmetic about his jaw!