Monday, June 6, 2011

Our teeny tiny Garden

My herb pot (so, so sad. It has definitely seen better days). I think next year I might need a new one.
My beautiful lilies that have bloomed.

This weekend we were very busy. We bought our iPhones (yay) and we also finished most of backyard.
Living in a townhome we don't have much options in the gardening department. Originally our backyward consisted (or was supposed to consist of) a VERY large patch of mulch and 3 small bushes. After permission from the condo board we have altered our backyard just a bit. We sodded most of the mulched area and kept just a small patch for some flowers and a bush of our choice. Here is what I have come up with. It's not much, but I am proud of it. It consists of lilies (my faves) snap dragons (my second fave) a flowering bush in the middle, a lavender plant and 2 perennials. So far the lilies are the only ones that have begun to bloom, so i cannot wait for the color explosion.

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