Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What an awesome weekend

Let me start by saying that both Blair and I had a 4 day weekend Wit Woo! We started off by painting Easter Eggs at my sisters house with her little guy. Kaiya was interested in it for all of one egg. Unfortunatley I forgot my camera (boo) so I am waiting on pics from my sister in order to share with you.

Saturday we headed over to my parents place for our first Easter Extravaganza. The Easter bunny came early at Nana's house and Kaiya got spoiled, like always. We had an awesome dinner and stayed late playing the classic board game Clue.

Sunday, the Easter bunny came to our home and once again... Kaiya was spoiled. Although she didn't get much in the way of chocolates, she did get a few books and a new toy. We then headed out to an Easter egg hunt that our little City was putting on. Kaiya had so much fun. Although I fogot to bring her a basket to put her little chocolate egss in so she spend most of the time either putting them in my purse or either children's baskets. Afterwards we headed over to Blair's family for an Easter feast and it was so beautiful outside that I spent most of the evening on their balcony soaking up the vitamin D.

Kaiya at the Easter Egg hunt, she got right into it.

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