Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am so ready to move on

I love my house, but I am ready for a bigger one. The townhome we are in now was perfect for Blair, Nanook and me. Now that we have Kaiya it just seems too squishy, it might just be all the crap we have but I like our crap and I don't feel like parting with it just to live comfortably in a place that was supposed to be a stepping stone anyways. So why not just move! Way easier said than done.

Will my new raise and Blair's blossoming career I know that we can afford a bigger place, I even found the floor plan that I want. A nice big 2200 square foot, attached double garage two story with a bonus room, 3 bedrooms, two and a half baths and a beautiful kitchen with cupboard space galore. But the monthly payments, floor plan, builder or even colour selections are not our problem. Our problem is down payment.

Like most people, the downpayment kicks everyone in the butt. With all our extra savings going towards the down payment of this house, the drop in the economy ate up every last penny that we could of gotten out of this home. If we sold our townhome now we may walk away breaking even with what we have owing on our mortgage, but we will not have a downpayment for the next place..... *la sigh*

For now we must sit and wait. We have small nest egg growing for a down payment, but I wish that the economy would co-operate so that I didn't have to wait years for my next home.

I guess I will just need to win the lottery.

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  1. Yup. We're waiting on the lottery too. $50 million this Friday!