Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green with Envy!

All around us are people planning/going on trips to warm beautiful destinations and I have to admit that my little green eyed monster is starting to poke it's ugly head. Blair and I haven't been on a real vacation in 4 years (a week in Mexico for our honeymoon)! Sure we have been to Saskatchewan, Vancouver and even Niagara falls but we have not actually left the country, laid on a beach or even soaked up some rays pool side in over 4 years now.

Every single one of Blair's family members is taking off this summer to either somewhere warm or culture rich (ie: England, Paris, Malta etc.) and as for my family, my parents just got back from Hawaii, my sister is heading to Mexico and my baby bro just spent all of last summer in Indonesia (who knows where he is headed this summer). *la sigh* one can dream. Back yard and inflatable pool here we come!!

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  1. My Tuesday/Thursday nanny family is currently in Mexico. I'll go back to work next week and I'll have to deal with all their wonderful beach stories and be jealous of their tans. I wish they would have taken me!