Monday, January 17, 2011

I need to get this off my chest

I am ANGRY! Everyday I begin to feel angrier and angrier about my work situation. I have to look at the people in the face that I KNOW have applied for my job and say "How are you? How was your weekend? Blah, blah blah" When all I really want to say is "F you! You are trying to steal my job, put me on the unemployment line, take food from my baby's mouth and you dare to come speak to me!" But I cannot. I cannot blame them for applying. Although it is a sh*t job, bottom of the barrel, nothing pays less in this company type of job. It is a step backwards for anyone in the company, but hey I guess if you hate your job that much then go for it. I perhaps would do the same. But it doesn't make me any less angry about the situation. The job closes tomorrow, I feel some relief in that..... then again, it's one day closer to Government Assistance.

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