Thursday, January 13, 2011

Call us Crazy

Yes, we have started to potty train. Not aggressively, we are just intorducing her to the potty so that when the time comes she won't be scared of it. Maybe in a month we will try. I just don't want to change diapers forever and I made a deal with myself that we can't have another baby till Kaiya is out of diapers so...... hurry up and poop on the potty!


  1. The baby I nanny, who is 13 months old, just got a little potty just like Kaiya's. I'm really hoping that his Mom isn't going to ask me to potty train him because I don't feel like he's ready yet. If he was a girl, I'd probably feel a lot differently!

  2. Better hurry up!!! It's BABY time!!!