Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is a comin

The count down to Christmas is on. Although I have been having a tough time getting into the mood and feeling like I am apart of the festivities, I am still looking forward to it. I am miss being on mat leave right now. The freedom to bake cookies at will, go shopping for all those I love and to create all the Christmas crafts that I can imagine. I just wish the day had more hours (or less sleeping time, like if you could take a pill that would knock you out for an hour but you would wake feeling like you slept for 8) But then again, if we were sleeping less then the economy would demand that we work more so really our 8 hour days would probably turn into 10 or 12 hour days and you will still be struggling with finding time. I am not sure how I got so off track but.................. I am just about ready for Christmas, a few more presents to wrap and a few stocking stuffers to buy. Hurray!

We are off to the farm this year, this will probably be our last. It is getting much more difficult to travel now. With my family we technically need to coordinate 4 families to drive down and when everyone has their own work schedule (turns out I am the only one working on Christmas Eve, ba humbug) and ideas of what time we should be leaving at it is just tough. Convoys are always fun, but not always necessary I guess. Then there is the babe. She doesn't like her car seat on the best of days so we are trying to push it till later on so she can sleep, but we don't want to be too late because then we won't be able to drive down with the others.... oh decisions, decisions.

I guess we will just wing it.

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