Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weaning from the boob monster

Yes, I am still breast feeding. My daughter is now just over 13 months and I am very proud to say that I am still a bfing mom. When she was around 9-10 months I noticed a decrease in my milk supply and started to panic (I also got my period... booo!) After speaking with her pediatrician, then my family doctor they both thought it was time to start supplementing. I was not keen on putting her on formula for 2 reasons 1. that shits expensive and we have no idea if she will even take it. 2. I was super proud to say that Kaiya had never had a drop of formula in her life (not that there is anything wrong with formula, I am pro choice, it was a goal I had made for myself). So I chose to ignore the doc and keep her off of supplementing, if she needed it my body would produce enough (I had never had a problem with milk production when she was small).
At 11 months we started her on cows milk and she hated it! So I continued to bf. Now she loves the stuff, can't get enough, so I have decided it is time for me to wean the babe. It was very easy, she just stopped asking for it all on her own and she gets a sippy cup of milk at night before bed (which she only drinks maybe half the time) and I am still nursing her off and on in the mornings when she gets up.
Tomorrow I plan to not nurse her...... ever again! What a relief, but I am sad to think that I now have a toddler, not a baby. She has already stopped depending on me for so much!

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