Saturday, July 10, 2010

Have you seen this man?

My little bro is missing. We haven't heard from him in almost 3 weeks from when he first arrived in Indonesia. He informed us that he would message us when he got to camp (where he would be doing all his research) since he thought for sure that they would have Internet access. Well he was supposed to arrive in camp 2 weeks ago and still no word. My Mom is worried sick and I am starting to get there myself. I am sure that it's just buddy, being buddy and he is just having too much fun to report home.But till we hear from him if you see this man, tell him to call home!!!!!!


  1. Man, isnt that scary? That has happened with my sister a couple of times as well, really terrifying.. Usually its that she doesn't have internet access, so keep your fingers crossed thats all it is!

  2. I kept seeing your mum's status' and meaning to ask you about this! I'm sure he's just fine but three weeks is a long time to be out of touch... Your mum better give him heck when he calls so that he won't let it go this long again! I think Indonesia is pretty safe.

  3. Hopefully he contacts your family soon! Silly boys usually don't think about how they are affecting others.