Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The in laws

I am off to the zoo today with my sister in law. Yes you heard that correct, I am getting along with Blair's family.... finally haha. Things are going good with them now, I am feeling much more comfortable around them and more apart of the family.

We had Blair's brother and girlfriend over on Saturday. We BBQ chicken (god I hate that BBQ!! I am in need of a new one, if only the lottery would cooperate and pull our numbers!) and had brownies for dessert. I was too lazy to make the icing so I just threw some ice cream on top. It wasn't the same *sigh*.

Afterwards we played a couple of games of Cranium, so much fun!! Guys vs girls, always a riot. We walked away tied, so now we have to bring it for round 2. I love hanging out with them. I have been with Blair for 10 years now so I have seen his little bro grow and blossom into such an amazing man who has impeccable taste may I add. I just adore his girlfriend, she isn't afraid to speak up and say what's on her mind and is so full of spunk. They are the perfect pair! We need to have them over more often.


  1. Hopefully you guys didn't get caught in the awful downpour this afternoon!
    I'm glad that you're getting along and having fun with Blair's side of the family, it makes life so much easier!