Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beds are for sitting, not sleeping

We have a crib sitter. A few days ago Kaiya had woken in the middle of the night screaming (very typical) and Blair got up to pop her soother back in (seeings how it's usually because she can't find it) upon returning to bed he informed me that she was physically sitting up in her crib. WHAT?! I didn't think that it would start so early.

So Yesterday we got to the task of lowering the crib so she can't fall out, pull herself up etc. It turned out to be great timing since today I have found her twice in the sitting position pulling on the bars trying to stand. Oh babe, you can push yourself backwards from a tummy position to sitting, yet you can't crawl. Does this make any sense?! I guess she will never master the skill of movement on her hands and knees, why would she when she can just sit back up again?

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