Friday, April 23, 2010

My first Blogger award!

Oh I feel so special :) Thanks to Angela over at Craving Cupcakes I received my very first blogger award, yay! So the rules is I have to list 7 things about myself then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers. Here goes:

1. I love water. I could swim all day! I love lakes, oceans, rivers, anything! I am not picky. I would live my life under water if I had gills.

2. My weakness is gummy candies.

3. I secretly wish I was a novelist.

4. I cannot sing, I get my dog howling when I try.

5. I would love to see Africa but I am a very lousy traveller. I get all bitchy and stuff (even driving to Saskatchewan to visit family stresses me out).

6. I have an urge to garden all the time. I need to grow things, and I have recently discovered that I can grow almost anything. It does not look like I will be getting a garden this year so I am weeping inside.

7. I hate working out. Getting sweaty and having my heart race is not my definition of a good time. I would rather take a long walk than jog, hike slowly up a mountain then hop on an elliptical, and go for a bike ride instead of lifting weights. I am a free spirit damn it! No routine can hold me!

Now here is my list of fellow bloggers that I want to pass the award onto.

1. Heather at All The Little Pieces
2. Megan at Adventures with our little man
3. Adam and Cassie at A New Outlook
4. Laura at A Wholly Unremarkable Life
5. Ashley at My Life, Our Journey
6. Debbie at Deb and Jay
7. Sarah at Becoming a Mommy


  1. Yay! I'm glad I could give you your first award!

  2. Congrats on your first Blogger award!!