Monday, March 1, 2010

I am still spinning from the excitement

The last 24 hours have left me a little over excited. Yesterday we headed into the city to go to the Home and Garden show. My parents were working a booth there so they were able to snag us tickets to get in. It was a good little outing and we got to talk to a few people about putting granite into our kitchen. While there the game of Canada vs US was on, luckily every booth was set up with a tv and everyone was watching the game. It was neat to be in an environment where thousands of people are cheering and shouting with every goal and miss.

When Canada went into overtime we parked our butts down in front of a giant screen that they had set up just for this event and watched the rest of the game. As I was feeding Kaiya Crosby scored, everyone in the stadium jumped up and screamed it started me and made Kaiya cry. Haha it was awesome! We were buzzing from the game and lack of sleep when we got home.

We ate supper, and watched the closing ceremony's. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on the couch. Later that night I got up went to bed and shortly after Blair came to bed too. This is where it gets weird.

First thing this morning I could hear a dog barking, a diesel truck grumbling and Blair muttering "oh shit" as he leaps out of bed. Just as he is racing downstairs I hear a knock on the door. WTF is going on? A few mumbles, Blair throwing his shoes on and racing out the back door. I still have no idea what is going on. A few moments later I hear Blair return but not come back to bed. I am laying there waiting, and waiting for him to come up and tell me what the heck is going on. Finally I make my way downstairs to find Blair and Nanook snuggling on the couch and a broken leash near by. A large ball forms in the pit of my stomach, I finally figured out what was going on.

We left our doggie outside, tied up all night long! I was so disgusted with ourselves I thought I was going to cry, vomit or both. My poor little boy, chewed through his leash and was running around like a mad man. Thank god he wasn't hurt, and a neighbor had informed us of our mistake. We definitely making it up to him today. Lots of hugs and treats!! That will never happen again!!!

Passed out from his late night adventure


  1. Thankfully Nanook is ok! The picture makes him look like he stayed up all night drinking, haha!

    The game was amazing, I'm so glad we won!

  2. Hahah Poor Nanook! Oh well. I'm sure he'll be good as new soon!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! Give that boy all the treats his tummy can take!! He does look pretty sleepy in the picture.