Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fatal Attraction

My ignorance to baby proofing my home has proven to be a potentially fatal error. I put baby into her jumperoo as a I snuck off to the bathroom this afternoon. I was gone literally 2 minutes but when I returned Kaiya was fusing like mad. Upon further inspection I discovered that she had reached one of my plants near by and pulled a leaf off and was munching on it. I freaked out and grabbed it away. She was crying, rubbing her eyes and just looked like she was uncomfortable.

I immediately washed her hands and checked in her mouth for any leaf remnant before calling poison control. The plant she was munching was one I had received from my Mom probably about 10 years ago, I had no idea what kind of plant it was or if it is poisonous but I wasn't taking any chances. While I was on the phone with poison control I got Kaiya soothed and was browsing the web trying to find my beloved plant. I found it. It's called a Dieffenbachia (aka Dumbcane). It is very toxic and can cause paralysis of the throat and vocal cords ( hence the dumbcane part) and death. YIKES!! At this point, I started to cry. The lady reassured me that chances are Kaiya didn't get enough to do serious harm and since it had already been a few minutes then we were probably in the clear.

The lethal weapon (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

I checked her mouth, hands and eyes for swelling and redness. I had her drink something (boob milk) to make sure she was swallowing and the lady said that she sounded fine, just keep an eye on her and that's it.

I cried for an hour afterwards, and then cried again when Blair came home and I told him what happened. Wow, it was not a good week for poisonings in our household! Does anyone want to come over for some Salmonella?

Babe in the jumperoo before the incident. The culprit is lurking in the corner just to the left of her, BASTARD!

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