Monday, February 22, 2010

I need help!!!

I am sitting here crying because I have been listening to my little girl 'learn how to soothe herself' for the last 50 minutes. We have literally tried everything! I am so frustrated that I am in tears. I need someone to tell me what worked for them but unfortunately the only person I know who has gone through this is my sister and her son is still a terrible sleeper.

We have tried the pat and shush at first cry, pick up put down, and now we are just beginning the gradual extinction crying (let cry for 5, then 10, 15 etc) with pick up and soothe at the check ins. It is hard. She is so upset with us right now, but we have to do something. The pick up put down screwed everything up and we are back to square one (if not worse) because now all she wants is to be held again or as soon as we enter her room for naps she gets upset and the shushing isn't even helping. Arg!!

If anyone can tell me what worked for them, or any other advice I would greatly appreciate it!

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