Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleep training

Tonight is our first night of sleep training. I know what you are thinking "your baby is way to young to be sleep training already!" do not worry, I am not letting her scream hysterically in her crib. I do not believe in letting her cry it out. I do however think that she has a sleep problem. She is definitely not falling asleep on her own accord. At first I thought "hey she's way too young to fall asleep on her own, she needs help to self soothe" Now though, her sleeping is becoming worse, she is no longer napping without my constant rocking and she is beginning to wake in the middle of the night between sleep cycles and does not have the ability to fall back to sleep without me rocking her. I am more than happy to get up and rock her constantly, but at some point in her life she has to be able to go to sleep on her own. And now since it is affecting her sleep during the day I think it is time.

So my goal is to soothe her every few minutes to let her know I am still here, but I need her to fall asleep without me rocking her. In the long run it's good for her.... right?

Oh I feel like such a bad mother!!

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