Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last night was BRUTAL!

Kaiya and I are both on pins and needles I think. Neither of us slept well last night and for me it's because of Kaiya's specialist appointment today, for Kaiya it was because she is just a hungry little hippo.

Everything I heard is pointing to the fact that she is not getting enough to eat during the day so she is filling up her nights with feeding (2 very good ones at that) So during the past week what I tried was just cluster feeding her, all the time. Every 2 or so hours. That's a lot of time having my booby hanging out! Which didn't even work. So I know that she isn't starving, but I would like to increase her input of milk during the day so last night I had this brilliant idea to start cutting back on her awesome feeding's and see what happens. Well this might be to much information but last night I just fed her from one side instead of both breast when she woke u at 12:30. 2 hours later she was up asking for more (instead of the usual 4). Blair got up, popped in her soother and went back to bed. I listened to her tiny little fusses every 10-15 minutes for about 30 minutes, then she passed out and didn't wake till the usual time of 4:30. I fed her again (just from one side) and she fell asleep and slept till just after 8. I am hoping that she eats more today!!!


  1. Thought about you today - here's hoping the brace is gone!

  2. I've been dying to know if she got it off!!!