Thursday, January 7, 2010

I cannot wait!!!

I am so excited to meet my best friends baby. It really hit me hard today that she is going to be a mommy when she came over for supper (well actually we went out and had Japanese, but who's really keeping track). They found out the day after Christmas that they are having a baby boy and I cannot be happier for her. She was sporting a nice little baby bump and it took all my will power to not give it the biggest hugs and rubs ( I know how much she hates that ).
I started planning her shower today too, I have so many ideas and such little time. I will post all that I have done afterwards since she is a blogger as well and I do not want to spoil it.

I love her so much and she has been there with us through thick and thin. I know that she is going to make such a wonderful mommy and I can't wait to meet her little man!


  1. That's so exciting! Enjoy planning the baby shower!

  2. Thanks Kim!! I love you too! I am so excited to have such a great friend to go through this with.... it helps that you did it first and now you can tell me all the things I should not do.... haha. So I guess I am saying thank you for being the ginny pig.

    P.S If you are really nice to me I will let you touch my bump once.... but only if you are really nice... hahaha