Friday, December 4, 2009

Giving up cold Turkey!

Our new strategy for getting our baby out of this colic funk is to give up all dairy. No cheese, no milk, no butter or yogurt. This is going to be tough! I love Dairy, especially cheese. I think this might be harder than when I quit smoking years ago. But it will be woth it. Kaiya has been so fussy lately, she has diarrhea and muccous in her poop (gross) and we are thinking that it might actually be a dairy allergy. Great. Then to add a little fuel to the fire she has a cold. Daddy brought it home to us last week an now Kaiya finally has it. All I want to do is comfort her, but she just wants to scream.

I wish having a newborn wasn't something that Blair and I need to "survive" I am so envious of all the other moms out there that can comfort their child and interact with them. Mine just cries and cries when she is awake. This cannot be normal. I get maybe 5 minutes of smiles before the fussy's sink in. I cannot wait till she is bigger. I HATE this stage of her life, I will never miss having a small baby.

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