Thursday, November 26, 2009

I get to have a naked baby!

Well at least for bath time. I don't know if Kaiya will even know what to do with herself all naked and everything when 7:00 rolls around tonight. We got the ok from our doctor that Kaiya's harness can now come off for bath times, yay! This is what we were aiming for so to us this feels like a milestone. We have not been able to get Kaiya completely naked in over a month, it has been sponge baths and quick undershirt changes with legs still wrapped up tighter than a mummy. I cannot wait to see her kick her legs and stretch out. *sigh* I just love these moments.

On a sadder note, we now have to start attending physio. I mentioned to our doc that she was having difficulty turning her head to the one side. She definitely favors one way of looking and we have tried every trick in the book to get her to turn her head the other way for longer than a few minutes ie: sleeping. Turns out her muscles are tight on that side of the neck and that we are going to need to attend physio to correct the situation before it turns into a flat, helmet head wearing situation.

Oh Kaiya, what other trick are you going to pull out of your magic hat? At least you haven't gotten a diaper rash yet... knock on wood!

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