Thursday, November 26, 2009

Glider from Hell!

Yay, my glider has arrived. It is still the old color but it works anyways. Funny story, My Mom walks into my house after picking up the new glider and dropping off the old one and gives me that "oh god, please don't be angry look". Umm ok, what happened?! Well my Dad and Blair throw the new glider into the back of the truck. They decide that it's stable enough not to need cables to tie it down. Half way home as they are racing down the highway at speeds of 110 km the chair begins to sway. Blair opens the back window sticks his hand through to grab a hold of the chair to give it a little more stability realizes that ain't helping and just closes the window and they keep going. not even 2 minutes later and the chair is gone! People are swerving around this chair on the highway trying not to hit it, or each other (it's a very busy highway) and my family is running around like crazy people trying to get this chair back into the truck.

It's a little damaged, but still work :) I am a happy camper, but his chair is definitely the chair from hell!

This is supposed to be chocolate brown.

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