Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Foot in mouth disease

I had to retract my last post. I was so angry over the incident that happened over the weekend I didn't care who read it.. and kind of hoped that they would read it an know exactly how hurt and angry I was.

Well turns out that my husband knew the whole time. He has known for a month and didn't want me to worry or become stressed to hear the news. When I found this out this evening I just sat in shock. I wish he would of told me I am a big girl, I can handle it. Kaiya was 4 days old when he found out and he just wanted me to enjoy my brand new baby without stress. But I am hurt... hurt and embarrassed.

Embarrassed that my husband would keep something like that from me. Embarrassed that he thought I would react in such a negative way and embarrassed that I almost made a scene about it with my in-laws.

I am not sure what hurts more. The thought that something like that was kept from us, or the fact that my husband kept it from me alone.

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